The Pouyan Method

The Pouyan MethodThe Pouyan Method is an exclusive, safe, all-natural and proprietary way to permanently end addiction. The result of many years of exhaustive research, development, testing, refinement and careful application, this brain healing solution is a cure for people suffering from the physical agony and emotional trauma of addiction. No other drug rehab facility has this protocol – no other center even comes close to matching our customized brand of care – which is essential for reversing and rejuvenating areas of the brain damaged by addiction.

Guests who enter The Holistic Sanctuary receive full disclosure about the components involving this safe brain healing system. And, since we customize treatment based on each guest’s condition (after a comprehensive overview of that individual’s blood tests, brain scans, hair sample, which is then followed by an initial diagnosis from a physician and an evaluation of the guest’s history of addiction), we know the approximate length of time necessary to heal that person’s mind, body and spirit. On average, the Pouyan Method involves 125 hours of therapy per month.

The independent testimonials of our guests – along with the indisputable proof of brain scan images, which reveal newly healed areas formerly damaged by addiction – underscore the overarching theme of The Holistic Sanctuary: To permanently end addiction, thereby showing (with scientific evidence) that addiction is not an incurable disease. Nor is it a condition, where patients must consume toxic prescription medications and accept the false conclusions of so-called “experts” who have a vested interest, financially, in declaring addiction an incurable disease.

The Pouyan Method forever disproves the myth of addiction-as-an-incurable-disease, giving guests – and their loved ones – a second chance at life. Nothing else compares to this solution, because when you heal a person’s brain you empower them to heal their life.